Western Cape Keelboat Championships 2018/9

Notice of Race

Western Cape Keelboat Championship Circuit 2018 – 19

Incorporating both an Inshore and an Offshore Championship

Notice of Race version 1.01

September 2018 to April 2019


Western Cape, South Africa

1. Organising Authority

The Western Cape Keelboat Championship Circuit is organised by South African Sailing Western Cape in conjunction with the host club for each of the events scheduled in clauses 4.1 and 4.2.

2. Rules

2.1. The rules as defined in the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing.

2.2. The following rules will also apply:

2.2.1. ORC Rating Systems Rule, read in conjunction with the IMS Rule.

2.2.2. IRC Rules, applicable only for boats that have an IRC Certificate. Where ORC and IRC Rules differ on crew weight and number of sails permitted, the ORC Club certificate limit will be used.

2.2.3. SAMSA safety requirements as described in the NoR for each event.

3. Eligibility and Classes

3.1. Competitors shall comply with World Sailing Eligibility Code.

3.2. The championship is open to all boats with a current and valid ORC Club certificate for each event.

3.3. ORC Club will be used to define classes, with IRC dual scored only for those boats with both ORC Club and IRC certificates.

3.4. The Inshore Championship Classes are defined as follows:

ORC Club ORC Club Class Division Length (CDL)

Class A: CDL >= 10.0

Class B: 10.0 > CDL >= 8.100

Class C: CDL < 8.100

3.5. For the purpose of building bigger racing fleets at an individual Inshore event, using the Classes defined in 3.4, the Race Committee of an Inshore event may at its own discretion divide the entries as follows:

3.5.1. Three fleets as defined by the classes in clause 3.4

3.5.2. Two fleets, as follows: one fleet is a combination of Classes A & B, starting together and sailing the same course, and the other fleet is Class C; one fleet is a combination of Classes B&C starting together and sailing the same course, and the other is Class A.

3.5.3. one fleet combining Class A, B & C, starting together and sailing the same course;

3.6. The Offshore Championship fleet shall be all eligible boats entered.

3.7. All eligible boats that take part in any of the Inshore events are automatically entered in the Western Cape Keelboat Inshore Championship.

3.8. All eligible boats that take part in any of the Offshore events are automatically entered in the Western Cape Keelboat Offshore Championship.

4. Schedule

4.1. Western Cape Keelboat Inshore Championship

Spring Regatta, 22 – 24 September 2018, False Bay, FBYC

Cape Town Race Week, 14 – 17 December 2018, Table Bay, RCYC

Fling Regatta, 01 – 03 February 2019, Table Bay, RCYC

Admirals Regatta, April 2019, Hout Bay, HBYC (to be confirmed)

4.2. Western Cape Keelboat Offshore Championship

Mossel Bay Race, 27 September 2018, False Bay to Mossel Bay, FBYC

West Coast Offshore Race, 23 – 24 November 2018, Table Bay to Saldanha Bay, via Elands Bay, RCYC

Mykonos Offshore Race, 22 – 23 February 2019, Table Bay to Saldanha Bay, RCYC

4.3. The Inshore Championship is valid if at least three of the events are constituted as per each event’s Notice of Race.

4.4. The Offshore Championship is valid if at least two of the events are constituted as per each event’s Notice of Race.

5. Measurement

Measurement and rules compliance inspections may be carried out throughout the championship, during or in preparation for any of the events.

6. Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for each event in the Inshore and the Offshore Championships will be available from the organising authority for that particular event.

Information can be found at www.rcyc.co.za, www.fbyc.co.za and www.hbyc.co.za.

7. Scoring

7.1. The Low Point Scoring System of Appendix A4.1 and A9 of the RRS will apply

7.2. For the Inshore Championship, if clause 3.5 applies for an event, each boat’s final score for that event is to be carried into the Classes defined in clause 3.4 and ranked. That is the score to be applied towards the championships.

7.3. There will be one discard allowed for the Inshore Series, provided all four events are constituted as per each event’s Notice of Race.

8. Trophies and Prizes

8.1. There will be winners for each Class in the Inshore Championships as follows:

INSHORE Champion ORC Club Class A, Class B, Class C; provided a minimum of 10 boats are scored in each class over the series.

8.2. There will be a winner in the Offshore Championships as follows: OFFSHORE Champion ORC Club Overall, provided a minimum of 10 boats are scored over the series.

8.3. Prize giving will take place in conjunction with SAS Western Cape Sailing Awards – venue and date TBC.

9. Provincial Colours

Colours will be awarded to the overall winners in each Class of the Western Cape Inshore Circuit and the overall winners of the Western Cape Offshore Circuit for ORC, provided a minimum of 5 boats are scored in each class.

10. Further information

For further information, please contact Andrew Collins by email at andrew.collins1968@gmail.com.